I’m probably a hippie reincarnate, possibly a dead-head in a previous lifetime, as I’m strangely drawn to vintage canned-ham trailers.  My days are spent in a a cubicle with the masses of other IT workers.  It pays nicely, and I can live on much less.  I need to challenge myself to do just that – live beneath my means.

To the general population, I’m an anomaly in many ways, but particularly in my beliefs about food.  I’m a research/documentary junkie, and have watched just about every documentary on food available on Netflix.  I believe Americans are sick because of our food, and we will never have a national healthcare system that works until we fix the industrialized, nutrient-deficient, genetically modified fuel we build our bodies from.

I’m a Northwest native, having lived in the Puget Sound region the majority of my life, but have a special fondness for Portland, OR, where I spent 8 years in my young-adult life, and where my oldest attended college.  I long to return to Oregon someday.

I live with an amazing man who not only tolerates my idiosyncrasies, he embraces and encourages them.  I must have learned something from all of those screwy relationships in my past.  I’ve found the love of my life.  Love and a toothbrush.  That’s all I need.


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