Ultra-Posh Tiny Homes: The Small House Movement Goes Luxe

The Tiny Home Movement is getting noticed by Forbes Magazine.  It’s with mixed emotions that I make that statement, and that I even share this article.

I’m not sure how I feel about the majority of the homes in the gallery photos linked to this article.  The exception is the Zyl Vardos home (see also links under Resources), and a few others.  Some seem way too extravagant (1.8 million?), but it is Forbes.  Ultra-posh may appeal to the typical Forbes reader, but most of us who wish for a tiny lifestyle are focused on living simply and intentionally, not just seeking to expand our inventory of toys.  Still, I wanted to share this article, as I’m always looking for new ideas and working on the plan in my mind.  I do like the media attention the movement is getting of late, and hopefully building codes will be modified by the time we’re ready to transition in a couple of years.

Ultra-Posh Tiny Homes: The Small House Movement Goes Luxe – ForbesLife.


A Tiny Home Open House: Visiting Hannah’s House

Today we attended Hannah’s Open House, a gathering that we’d found through Meetup.com.  Although we’d seen a Tumbleweed home at the Mother Earth News Fair, and I’ve obsessively viewed thousands of photos online, It was nice to finally see a Tiny Home that was being lived in.

Hannah’s home had a couple of great features that we’ll have to borrow for our design.  The L-shaped seating in the main living space converts to an RV-style guest bed, which is something that will be extremely useful when adult kids return to visit.  I also enjoyed seeing and using the mini-staircase, and we’ve decided this is a feature we like, especially since we’re approaching 50.  We backpack and stay active, but because I’m nearly comatose in the morning, stairs are a good thing!  The loft was nice and bright, and seemed roomy.  We can see ourselves living in such a space.

Wish we’d had time to talk to Hannah or her parents, but there was some serious inquiry going on.  Hannah, we think your home is adorable, and wish you the best in your tiny house endeavors!

Check out additional photos of Hannah’s house here.



The Cider Box | Tiny House Swoon

I love this!  This has to be my favorite exterior design of a Tiny House by far.  The side entrance floor plans seem to have a more functional flow of all the Tiny House designs I’ve examined, and I much prefer the light that french doors provide.  The kitchen and stairs would need reworking to suit us, and the interior is a bit dark for my taste, but this one is really close to meeting our needs.  Check out additional pictures on Tiny House Swoon.

Check out additional interior photos here: The Cider Box | Tiny House Swoon


My Latest Obsession: Tiny Homes

As another year draws to an end and I reflect on life, where I am, and where I truly want to be, I’ve come to a realization.  Though I want to live more simply, deliberately, years can just slip away, one day at a time.  Without a deliberate attempt to escape it, I’ve become stuck in a culture and way of life that is out of alignment with my values.  It’s easy to get stuck here, really.  Humans tend to value stability and have an aversion to change.  Getting up the courage to take the first step is probably the hardest part.

My vacation this week has been spent doing much research and desiring to make a change.  Tiny Homes are again on my radar.  Over the years I’ve researched many alternate building techniques and alternate housing possibilities.  As my partner and I creep ever closer to 50, and as both our youngest are due to leave the nest in 2.5 years, a major life-change is certainly possible.  We are tree-hugging, eco-minded introverts, and suddenly the ability to live anywhere is extremely enticing.  I’ve always come back to Tiny Homes in my research, and it may be the portability that’s the strongest draw.  Build it first, then figure out what the heck you’re going to do, and where you’re going to live.

Of all the examples I’ve stumbled upon, I think my favorite has to be The Tiny Project.  What an amazing use of space.  I don’t think I’d change a thing except possibly the upholstery on the couch.  After looking at so many, that’s saying something!

We have so much waste in our culture, and have a tendency to accumulate way more than we need.  We then store it in living spaces that are much larger than necessary, or even reasonable.  So much of our time is spent working to just accumulate “stuff”, and we’re left with so little time to live.

Tiny Home

Tiny Home

A Tiny House is now part of our plan, and may just fall in line with our girls’ departure for college in 2.5 years, though we may just need 2 Tiny Homes for when they come home to visit.  Ideally, we would have the ability to be off-grid: propane range, refrigerator, water heater; solar outlets/light fixtures, and a well for water.  While we may not go off-grid immediately, having the ability to do so is something we want to incorporate.

I think the first step is just going to be getting rid of the unneeded “stuff” that just creeps into our lives, and I’m suddenly very motivated to do so after spending hours upon hours perusing tiny homes.  Time to make a donation before the tax year ends!